Black Prince Cicada

black prince cicada

Despite being called the Black Prince the colour of adult male varies with age and locality. Around Sydney it is almost totally black, with some brown underneath. Further north the black prince has more of a greenish tinge than brown, and is not quite as black. The female is a bit smaller than the male but much the same colouration.

Some trees are preferred including the paperbark (Melaleuca), mangroves, water loving sheoaks (Casuarina). Cicadas also prefer some local permanent water.

Incredibly the Cicada lives underground for seven years before emerging as an adult. Once they emerge they only live for about four weeks during which time they move around and breed over the summer.

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Black Prince Cicada

Listen to the Cicada

The cicada makes its presence known in summer time by the cyclic call which is highlighted when emitted from a swarm.

Black Prince Cicada

Find the Cicada

Can you find the Black Prince cicada in this stand of Casuarina’s?

casuarina trees